Open Storage

Boat storage
We have 3,000m2 of secure outside storage space with access to fresh water and electricity. Your vessel will be placed in one of our galvanised cradles or blocked with wooden shores. We aim to allow ease of access around each vessel to ensure work can be carried out to the topsides as efficiently as possible. We can also accommodate vessels that need to be scaffolded or tented.

Mast storage
We have a mast rack to store your mast whilst your boat is being worked on, or if you have some work to do on the mast itself. We operate an alternative secure facility nearby where we have room for larger masts and containers.

Container hire and storage
We have space for containers to be used as a workshop, or sail and equipment storage. For long-term storage we have a secure facility 500m from Endeavour Quay where we can store large or extended stay items. You can also rent containers from us. Please contact Tim Newell for further information.